3M Filtrete Water Pitcher

& 3M Filtrete Air Filter


James Gross:
Director of Photography,
Set Design, Lighting


The Shine Box:

Creator, Editor


Super Value Easter Commercial


James Gross:
Set Design, Lighting



Director, Creator,




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Indy Film Work


Independent Titles:


“True Love” 
“Lost and Found Lottery”


“Agent Slade”




“Thieves and Assassins”
Music Video “Lovers: All the Pretty Horses


                            “I Knew You Then”

"Cab Ride" Indy Film Clip


James Gross: Director of Photography, Editing, Co-Producer/Director


RobbRoss, RossMuir Productions:

Producter, Actor


"Sonnet 71" Indy Film Clip


James Gross:

 Director of Photography,


Ed Linder  TMJ Productions:

Writer, Producer, Director, Editing


The Take


James Gross:

 Director of Photography,



Seffi O'Brien

Stunt/Actor and Model


Jennifer Sisko

Stunt/Actor and Model


Mike Lubke/Luis Rosa

Stunt Choreography


Dennis Steele:


Jamie Mickelson

Makeup and Hair